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“Pain today, pleasure tomorrow.”  These words had become my motto in life for a very long time and I held on to this ideology a bit too tightly.  I felt that if I would just keep pushing myself really, really hard now, then eventually, it’ll all be worth it one day and everything will fall into place. 

I had really taken this to heart because I would work extremely hard trying to be better at everything.  Trying to be thinner, stronger, cooler, smarter.  The question is, was it all worth it – all the stress and missed opportunities?  I feel that I may have been missing out on a lot of things because I was looking too far ahead and not what’s in right there in front of me.

The flaw in this “pain today, pleasure tomorrow” mentality is that you can’t just check off all the problems that you’ll ever have in your life from a list and then they’re gone forever.  Life, including its problems, is unpredictable, so how can you know that your happiness will ever come if you don’t ever choose to put it first?  When will tomorrow come?  We can’t know because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed; only right now is.  That’s why I believe it’s important to allow ourselves to live to the fullest today and stop putting our happiness on the backburner.  

A typical post from Along for the Ride starts off a bit like an autobiographical memoir and then shifts into something more like an advice column.  I take what I’m experiencing and then I share what that experience has taught me in a universal way.  My mission to live in the present daily (instead of living in the future) is no doubt a challenge for just me but for a lot of us, therefore I encourage engagement on the topics I write about.  Along for the Ride is about taking a deeper look into our personal journey’s in life and challenging ourselves to live up to the best version of who we are.  Let’s learn to live life as a journey, not as a destination.    

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